So yeah! Here’s a design on my society6 inspired by Anony and a skype conversation.

It’s available in all colours, as a fine art print, and on mugs/laptops/throw pillows/etc. so please look at them, buy, reblog this post, and just overall support me if it’s at all possible! Thank you very much.

3rd eye design

No 3rd eye design

Using my art on your blog

I have said it before somewhere in the annals of this blog, but I’ll say it again:

If you want to use my artwork on rp blogs you must send me an ask/fanmail/submission with a link to said rp blog and you must credit me for my work.

The crediting for the work should be pretty obvious I mean c’mon you should credit every artist for their work.

But the link is mainly so I can check out your blog (I rp too) and see how you’re using it. 

If you’re worried about not catching me here since I’m not on too much anymore, message me on my personal blog

Honestly, it’s not that hard to ask, which is why I get so mad when people just don’t.

Bad news (but when is there ever good news?)



So I’m not gonna have enough money to pay my phone bill, for like the next 3 months or so, which means no internet. I’ll still have it the rest of this month, so I’ll try to get any commissions I still have done in that time but…Once this month is over, you won’t see me for a while.

I’m not gonna bother asking for money or commissions cause…well let’s face it I don’t get many and it’s not gonna buy me much time so…guess I’ll just have to accept the fact that I’m screwed this time. 

So yeah if you have my phone number already great please don’t forget to talk to me, and please don’t forget me on my rp blogs cause I will be sad if you do :{

I’ll be trying to find a way to not have this happen but I have a feeling it’s going to. I’m sorry.

Just so you guys know where I’ll be when I go. I’m not ignoring this account or any of my others just…circumstance.

Anonymous whispered:
Dear grand highblood, I just wanted some advice. I will be loosing someone very close to me very soon and i dont know how to handle how I feel. If you lost someone close to you, how would you feel?

"Let me lay down some sick ass truths for you, my faceless motherfuckin’ friend."

"WE ARE ALL BORN TO DIE. We ain’t nothin’ but slaves to time, my friend. Everyone who is born leaves this planet as a corpse."

"But that don’t mean it don’t motherfuckin’ hurt when we lose someone. EVEN IN A CULTURE LIKE MINE where you can wake up the tomorrow mornin’ with highbloods knockin on your door cullin’ sticks at the goddamn ready IT SUCKS TO FIND YOUR FRIENDS AND LOVED ONES DEAD."

"I ain’t afraid to admit I’d cry like a bitch if my miraculous fuckin’ moirail kicked the proverbial bucket. My sweet mouthless grey friend, you just handle it however you feel you got to and damn everyone who looks down on you for it. You spend what time you got left with your close ass fucking friend and you make their time the best you possibly can. That’s all I can tell you."

Anonymous whispered:
D ==> Since when do you brush your hair, Highblood?


Seriously! Thank you guys so much. I know I’m a piece of shit but the fact that so many of you still follow me means like a ton okay? Thank you. Thank every single one of you.

A (really shitty) reason for my absence

So a lot of you who follow my personal may know that a while back I had a house fire. I haven’t had internet since then, except via my cellphone which I’ve been tethering to my laptop.

This is fine for getting on my personal and rp blogs cause you know I don’t have to do much

but the sheer volume of asks in my ask box on this one makes it so the page will not load at all. 

The only way to fix this would be to nuke all the asks and I am not about to do that because I really do genuinely want to answer every question sent!

So I can draw stuff and post it here but at the moment answering asks is just a massive pain in my ass. I know it’s no excuse and that I’m pretty fucking crappy for continuously hopping off to god knows where and I’m really sorry about it. I feel like I’ve let a lot of you down uAu

I will not be shutting down, or going on an technical hiatus as I’m trying very hard to get stuff done for this blog as fast as I can and as well as I can but…answers will be slow. 

If anything I will just do the ancestor comics and queue them to post at vague intervals until I have real good stable internet again.

So don’t think I’m abandoning this blog cause I’m not okay! I love you guys! All of you!! And I’m so happy that so many of you have continued to follow me despite how shit I’ve been. Thank you. So very much.


Taking your psychotic man child boyfriend to the beach.

These are the only guys who gave me references so they’re the only ones who got drawn <:Y

I hope you guys like them!!