i wasn’t gonna post this on tumblr cause this stuff never ends well for me but uh it’s been 3 days and I haven’t gotten a single bid so I figured I’d post it here to you know…at least get one bid or…at least get some interest.

The auction on deviantart

the auction on weasyl

the auction on furaffinity

Rules/comments/basic stuff:

I found this sketchbook in my closet and since I don’t really use them much anymore I figured I’d try to put it to a bit of use!!!

It doesn’t have any stickers on it and I don’t know how many pages are in it Probably around 15-30. 

Some are smooth for pencil sketches and some are thicker for watercolour/ink so it’ll probably be a mix of whatever I feel at the time.

The winner of this auction will get it shipped to them full of sketches/mini paintings/whatever of their characters! The winner can choose three characters to be featured throughout the sketchbook. 

Shipping is NOT included in the bid as I cannot determine shipping price before a winner is announced!!!

Bids are paypal USD only and must be paid in full including shipping before I will send the sketchbook. Half payment must be sent before I even begin drawing

This will also be featured on fA and weasyl and I will update the highest bidder here if a bidder on another website outbids them.


US residents only, sorry.
If you’re 18+ and want nude sketches and such you must tell me after you win. If not all the characters will be clothed and doing pg rated things. Not budging on that.
You must reply to the person who bid before you that way they have a chance to try and outbid you if they want.
Anthros, ferals, humanoids, pretty much any life form is allowed.
Obviously you’ll have to give me time to fill this up so don’t expect to receive it within a week please.
I don’t mind doing fetish art but please make sure you take a look at the rules on my commission sheet for things I absolutely WILL NOT do. It’s my deviant ID so all you have to do is go to my page and click on it.

Start Bid: $10
Current Bid: $15 by Jenovaii
Autobuy: $100 (Yes I know it’s high but I want people to bid!)

If you don’t have a weasyl, furaffinity, or deviantart you can still bid. Just send me an ask with your bid and I’ll update it. You CANNOT be on anon for this. DO NOT BID VIA A REBLOG. It’s too easy to lose bids that way. I’ll be updating THIS post with the current bids so before you bid be sure to come to this post on my actual blog and make sure what you want to bid is the proper one. Thank you!

Please, if you can, reblog this. Likes are nice but they don’t spread the word any. 

thank you for your time.

Doodles for canibalu-ri from the stream!

Come hop in if you get the chance!

Some sketches from the stream! I’m taking requests and commissions so stop by :} the first two are requests from homestuckianofspace


My other commission sheet was gross and blurry so I remade it to look a bit nicer and neater.

A few other things to note:

I will NOT under any circumstance draw the following:

  • Scat
  • Bestiality
  • Necrophilia (I.E. a completely dead corpse in a sexual situation. Zombies and vampires do NOT count in this)
  • Underaged pornography (This includes characters that just LOOK underaged. Unless they look like a consenting adult and are over eighteen they will not be featured in anything involving nudity.)
  • Pornography of a real living (or deceased) person. It’s creepy and I don’t like it.

But yes, I will draw pornography if you want, with no extra fee. 

Extremely complicated characters with lots and lots of accessories, appendages, or patterns may have an extra charge due to their nature.

That’s about all I can think to note! So yeah, please reblog this, share it around, do whatever you have to cause currently this is pretty much my day job and I could use as many commissions as possible!

Thank you for reading.

A quick apology doodle of GHB before I go to sleep. I know I’ve been sorely inactive on this blog and I hope to fix that soon.

Let’s FACE THE MOTHERFUCKING FACTS here, little one. 


I’m violent, angry, and not good at impulse control

BUT IF you be havin these goddamn unholy feelings of anger and sadness THAT JUST AIN’T RIGHT ON GETTIN OUT then you need to talk to your moirail or SOME sort of FUCKING MOIRAIL SUBSTITUTE

All up and talkin about your problems is shit-fucking hard BUT IT HELPS

even if just a little bit



We have here the presentation of another “What-If” scenario, 
Presented here is a rare breed of the extinct Pokemon, Tyrantrum. We have knowledge that this Pokemon was a ruler of its time, a “Highblood” if you will. With what we know, we have been able to piece together what one such Tyrantrum would have looked like.

((A little somethin’ somethin’ for one of my first followers, ))

Bless you and all you stand for <3


I added more stuff to my redbubble! I don’t particularly want to put this one on society6 so it’ll only be available on the redbubble.


GHOST pattern without Missingno

GHOST with Missingno pattern


My Redbubble! ▷


Hey guys! I opened up a redbubble because it has more options for things you can sell than society6. My society6 will of course remain open but any designs will go onto BOTH pages so you can choose what you want!

Currently, there’s WAAAY more on my redbubble than my society6, including posters of Elizabeth, Lituana, and Zenobia in all their monstrous glory! So spread this around and if you see anything you like, please buy!

Yes I know I’m a piece of shit who only reblogs to promote herself but I’d really appreciate it if you guys took a look!

Using my art on your blog

I have said it before somewhere in the annals of this blog, but I’ll say it again:

If you want to use my artwork on rp blogs you must send me an ask/fanmail/submission with a link to said rp blog and you must credit me for my work.

The crediting for the work should be pretty obvious I mean c’mon you should credit every artist for their work.

But the link is mainly so I can check out your blog (I rp too) and see how you’re using it. 

If you’re worried about not catching me here since I’m not on too much anymore, message me on my personal blog

Honestly, it’s not that hard to ask, which is why I get so mad when people just don’t.